Info on pandemic-related financial support

Additional info for 9th district residents on pandemic-related financial support by the municipality

In addition to a new allowance for those who certifiably lost their jobs due to the pandemic (pandemic allowance), the local government introduced new rules related to the special allowance and the housing allowance a well.




Who can apply for it?

 Those who


  • lost their jobs after 11 March 2020 because of the coronavirus epidemic,
  • are registered in the job-seekers registry, and
  • their 9th district permanent or temporary residence was registered before 1 January 2020, and who habitually live in the district.

The allowance is for one month and may be requested at most three times per year. In one family at most two people can receive it.

Those who receive sickness benefit (táppénz) or pension are not entitled to the pandemic allowance.

The amount of the allowance is between 15 000 Ft and 75 000 Ft, depending on the per capita income in the family. If the per capita income in the family is 60 000 Ft or less, then the maximum amount of 75 000 Ft can be given.




Those people are entitled to receive special allowance who are in an emergency situation due to the coronavirus epidemic. For instance, those who lost their monthly income because of the coronavirus but are not entitled to the pandemic allowance.

The amount of the allowance is maximum 42 740 Ft.




 Special housing allowance may be requested twice per year.

In one family only one person may apply for it.




The forms for requesting the allowances can be downloaded from HERE (English translation will be provided soon).


More information:

Call center: Thursdays from 8h to 16h. (Lenhossék utca 24-28.)

Tel: 06 (1) 215-1077
Information on the pandemic allowance or the housing allowance: extension 317 or 543.

Information on the special allowance on extension 330 or 387.


Angol fordítás / English translation: Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány “Új szomszédaink” című projektje /Our New Neighbours project of the Ferencváros Community Foundation.